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    nani's contract

    ends this summer, 31st may
    im shocked that nani, a player signed for £18m and widely regarded as the most talented player on our books, has been allowed to run down his contract.
    it seems like he is on his way to zenit on a free transfer for £200,000 a week.
    greedy git! http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/nani-threatens-to-run-down-his-contract-1313620

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    • You're just as thick in the head as Butch, alopecia Harris.

      Nani not wanting to sign a new contract is a good enough ndication that he wants out since Man U are not willing to pay him what he wants.

      Can't blame him for wanting to go really, who'd want to play for a club with a fanbase full of tits like you?

      OINK OINK!

    • " Peter Odemwingie 'doesn't want to be there' Rikki and neither is Nani." Neither is, Deeprick ? Since when has Nani said he doesn't want to be at United ?

    • "no club wants a player who doesn't want to be there!" ?

      Peter Odemwingie 'doesn't want to be there' Rikki and neither is Nani.

      For crying out loud, Man U tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to flog Nani to Zenit St Petersburg last summer in order to recoup some of money invested in him, stop arguing blindly.

      "Nani has said he doesn't want to leave."
      WHY hasn't he extended the contract Man U offer him then?


      I won't bother responding to other juvenile nonsense you posted mister LOVABLE COTD_ecade.

    • "no club wants a player who doesn't want to be there!"?


      "Baggies turn down Odemwingie request to leave"

      West Brom have rejected a transfer request from striker Peter Odemwingie, the club's sporting and technical director, Richard Garlick, has confirmed.

      "Garlick said: "Peter is hugely popular with our supporters and it is disappointing that he has decided to hand in a transfer request.

      "It was immediately turned down and has done nothing to change our stance during January.

      "Peter is under contract until the summer of 2014 and we have no need or desire to sell our core players. We want to keep the squad intact to enable us to build on an encouraging first six months of the season."

      Baggies head coach Steve Clarke has also delivered the same message on several occasions since the transfer window opened on January 1."

    • When are you going to tell me why you thought United were 'lucky' against Southampton?

    • "As neither of these apply to Nani utd would not have given him permission to talk to zenit unless they were willing to sell him."

      Spot-on Devon, well said..

      That asshat Rikki Altree's confused and talking out of his ass again.

    • The only times a club may not stop a player talking to another club is if the player has only 6 months left on his contract or there is release clause in his contract; in the case of the latter he would be free to talk to any club which offered the amount needed to trigger that clause. As neither of these apply to Nani utd would not have given him permission to talk to zenit unless they were willing to sell him.

    • utd didn`t allow Nani to run down his contract; they held talks with him and his agent but he wanted too much money. They then tried to sell him in the summer - hardly the actions of a club allowing a player to run down his contract - but a proposed move to zenit st petersburg fell through because Nani wanted too much money. You should be seeing a pattern here which is that Nani`s wage demands are excessive for a player who blows hot and cold on the pitch, indeed given his poor performances this season I would be very surprised if zenit were prepared to pay him £200,000 per week. At the end of the day every club sets a certain value on a player - not only in terms of how much they feel he is worth in the transfer market but also how much he is worth in wages. Nani has hardly played this season but that hasn`t stopped utd from topping the table and scoring goals so its not like he`s as important as Ronaldo was or as Rooney and RVP are to the current team. I would also dispute your claim that he is the most talented player at utd as both Rooney and RVP are at the very least as talented plus they are more consistent and bring more to the team. It will be a shame if he leaves but frankly for all the talent his inability to deliver consistently good performances means he`s not worth £130,000 a week.