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  • Robert M Robert M Feb 4, 2013 13:30 Flag

    "CL match in England fixed",,,

    ...is the claim. I wonder who it is. Chelsea haven't had bad headlines for, ooh, at least a week now, but we have had pretty good results in home CL games in recent years.

    Life bans all round for the guilty?


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    • Well said, Devon.

      I hate all these ifs and buts. And those adjusted tables which show who'd have won the league if the poor refereeing decisions where overturned.

    • if Ronaldo hadn`t mucked up his penalty Terry`s miss would have seen utd win the CL without the need of additional spotkicks. If Anelka hadn`t mucked up his penalty there`s no saying who would have won. We can all play the if game but it won`t change the result. On the balance of play a draw was the right result as utd were the better team in the first half and chelsea the better side in the second.Then it simply came down to who held their nerve and it always amazes me that people make a big deal out of the Terry slip and almost completely ignore the fact that it was a combination of Anelka`s poor kick and VDS` good save that saw utd emerge the winners. Also if you are going to go down the what if route, if Gomez had had his shooting boots on bayern would have beaten chelsea. Indeed if barcelona hadn`t missed a hat full of chances in the semis chelsea wouldn`t have got to the final in the first place. At the end of the day the team that wins has a bit of luck along the way but equally there is something about their performances or even an individual`s performance that merits them winning. Chelsea may not have been the best team in terms of talent and technique but they were the best team when it came to organization and determination and the best team whne it came to taking advantage of the goal scoring opportunites that came their way. Equally the current utd squad may not be as talented as some of SAF`s previous squads but they make up for that in terms of their determination and spirit.

    • Robert, I disagree. I was giving some context in that I think luck is bigger if you have won it when you've not been the best team in the domestic league or the competition. So I don't think Utd were that lucky to win in either 1999 or 2008 as their performance in the competition as a whole was excellent and no one can say they didn't deserve the success.

    • Thanks, the one and only. It's funny that people bring up a final performance (v Bayern) and judge the competition success on just that game and forget the amazing performance away to Juventus in the semis. And as for the penalties in 2008, it's not a lottery, it's about keeping your cool and skill. Yes there can be luck involved but it's not a lottery. If it were, Germany wouldn't have won so many shoot outs and England would have won more.

      But that's another story!

    • As I mentioned in an earlier thread he didn`t do a good job - he was bribed to let in at least 3 goals yet liverpool only managed to score one. Which just goes to show that even with a bribed player on your side it don`t always go to plan, especially when the opposition have one of those days when they can`t hit the proverbial barn door from 10 paces.

    • a match can be fixed without either of the clubs involved in th match knowing about it. All it needs is for one of the officials to rule a perfectly good goal out for offside (Scholes against Porto), ignore a clearcut penalty (take your pick of a number of recent CL fixtures) or send a player off (Fletcher against arsenal, Ramires against utd).

    • The Chelsea Barca game was the most obviously shocking result but the Ref didn't look like he cheated....unless Messi was paid to miss the penalty!

      Man U seem to be king of owning Ref's and cheating via the way the FA treat them and clearly instruct Ref's to act so as not to incurr Fergie's rants!!

    • smells of harry rednapp to me lol

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      • ''winning via the lottery of spot kicks after 120 minutes of football is hardly the hallmarks of a side 'at the top of their game''

        in that case deeprick, arsenal should be stripped of the 2005 FA cup and hand it to Utd.

        after all they rrrrrrRRRROOASTED you for 120 mins and fully deserved that silverware.

        it would then be 9 years and counting since your bottlers won anything hehehehe

    • I'm hoping it's the Liverpool - Chelsea semi final (the year L'pooh won it) and Liverpool found guilty!

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