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    liverpool v debrecen 2009

    is according to a Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet the match that was fixed. The paper claims that debrecen`s goalkeeper was bribed to let in 3 goal. If true it only proves that even bribing someone doesn`t guarantee you get the result you want as liverpool only scored once.

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    • So Liverpool must have only had one decent shot on target in that match? Not much changes then!

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      • If the press are right and this game was the one that was "fixed" it does highlight the fact that even if you bribe people involved n a game there is still no guarantee that you will get the result you want. Unlike ay cricket or tennis - 2 other sports which have been accused of match fixing - outside of things like getting sent off its more difficult for one individual to ensure that a certain outcome is achieved. A ref may agree to ensure that a game will be won by a certain team but at the end of the day there is only so many dodgy decision he can give without arousing suspicion and if a team underperforms they may not take advantage of those decisions. You can award a penalty but you can`t guarantee that it will be converted, you can send off a player but you can`t guarantee that the opposition will be able to take advantage. So it raises the whole question of what is meant by "match fixing" especially as the syndicates behind the bribery are based in countries where you can bet on any aspect of the game and they not be actually interested in the result. For nstance they may a bribe a player to ensure that he gets sent off during a simpific time period but if his team already have a healthy lead or they still go on to win that bribery has affected the outcome of the game. Indeed from what I have read its this type of betting which is most appealing to these syndicates as generally the odds are better and unless its obvious - like that bowler whose final wide ball was so wide that it immediately raised suspicions - it can be very difficult to spot.