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    The key decisive games for the title

    10 Feb,.....Man U v Everton

    23 Feb......Queens Park Rangers v Man U

    9 Mar,...... West Ham United v Man U

    30 Mar,......Sunderland v Man U

    6 Apr,......Man U v City

    13 Apr,.....Stoke City v Man U

    27 Apr,.....Arsenal v Man U

    4 May,...... Man U v Chelsea

    12 May,.....Man U v Swansea City

    19 May,.....West Bromwich Albion v Man U

    As people can see from the above difficult matches still to be played, 10 decisive games are a hell of a lot of games to start talking about the title. Additionally, injuries to key players such as RVP can have a devastating effect on confidence in the squad. Going by RVP's injury record, it is highly unlikely and rare for him to go through a whole season without being sidelined. I think Man U have been very lucky so far in this aspect.

    There are other 3 more banana skin games which I didn't mention above which cannot be taken for granted too.

    While it's good to have a 9 points lead over City at this moment, it would be very naive to think that it's over. I think the title race is still wide open despite gap and anything can happen between now and May when the title is decided.

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    • Yep, Jim is spot on about momentum. Think back to Francenals controversial 'unbeaten' record, (49 games or something - a lot of draws). Came to Old Trafford and got the sh*t kicked out of them.

      Now its been 8 years and they still have gotten over it!!!

    • Devon, I totally agree that it can be 'any' game that retrospectively you can see changed momentum. However without the advantage of hindsight, there are some games you 'feel' may have that effect. Everton and City games at OT where United would hope to pick up maximum points are obvious ones.
      Last season, the Wigan match was clearly unexpected, but it was 'away' and so could be psychologically overcome. The real 'killer' was the loss of two points versus Everton from a winning position.
      By the way, I agree about the Chelsea game at the Bridge, it seemed to knock the stuffing out of them. Too many young relatively inexperienced players.

    • This just strengthens my optimism for this season.
      Anything can happen, and I think last season City were very fortunate in the way we threw away points late on to Everton and Wigan. That was unlike us.
      Based on that fact you'd have to think its unlikely to happen again this season, and the team certainly determined to keep last season in mind.
      We're the best side in England this year by some distance, so I do think we'll do it. But only a fool (spursbabe/jim) would state that its going to happen because you just dont know what the future holds.
      Unless Jim is psychic? Oh now I get the nickname!

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      • I presume 'ICJ' is one of your stupid IDs.
        You can read but your little brain cells clearly do not comprehend.
        I have nowhere stated 'its going to happen'.
        I have said that realistically City will need 88 points or more to win the title, that is dropping just 4 points in 13 games. This is based on United getting 26 points from their last 13 games which at an average of 2 points a game is considerably less than the average over the last 25 games , which average approx 2.5 points. In essence it means 1 in 3 games could be lost and still getting 88 points. To fail to reach that point target would require a major dip in form and luck.
        However I said it is possible that City could attain over 88 points , having witnessed United getting full points from their last 10 games one season. Possible but not probable was how I described it.
        I stated that the Everton game is crucial as its clearly the major test in the next few games, and had earlier stated that the derby match will then be the 'decider' if neither side had suffered a collapse in form before that.
        Is that clear enough for you?
        I now expect an attempt at a 'withering put-down' that will make you look even more stupid.

    • And what about Citeh's decisive renaming fixtures??

      9 Feb...... .Southampton (A)

      24 Feb......Chelsea (H)

      4 Mar........Villa (A)

      16 Mar......Everton (A)

      20 Mar......Newcastle (H)

      20 Apr......Spurs (A)

      4 May......Swansea (A)

      12 May....Reading (A)

      And that's not including their visit to the Theatre Of Dreams.

      All potential banana skins!! ; )