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  • Layla Layla Feb 11, 2013 11:28 Flag

    madrid tactics,team & target?

    interested to hear peoples thoughts on the Madrid game.

    what team would u play?
    what tactics?
    what would u settle for?
    how do u stop Ronaldo?

    Madrid have been woeful this season & are there for the taking.
    so id like to see utd be fairly attacking.
    they have defended very poorly this season & u can get a lot of success with your attack.

    I think u should go for the win as they are in bad form.

    but what would u settle for. id say even a loss by 1 goal would be a decent result. id expect u to easily over turn that at OT.

    how to stop Ronaldo? do u isolate him? get someone like jones to man mark him?
    double up on him? or just play your normal game?

    I guess the positions to decide our CB. pick 2 from vidic,rio & evans.

    which 2 out of wellbeck & rooney or do u pick both.

    I guess both wide positions are up for grabs.
    along with who partners carrick.

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