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  • OINK OINK OINK OINK Feb 19, 2013 22:32 Flag


    "At least he's found his soul mate in the equally pathetic loner 'Geordie Fraudley'....ask him if he still looks like 'Hugh Jackman from the movie Van Helsing', whilst being the equivalent (and having the punch power - PMSL!) of a 'white Audeley Harrison'!!!"

    Sounds like you're jealous there, Le Poof. LMFAO

    You came up with that laughable Hugh Jackman nonsense in a feeble way to try and show me up on the boards with the hope that I'd go away and you failed miserably. LOL

    As for Audley Harrison, look at it this way he'd be able to knock you out in his sleep, he became the first British fighter to win an Olympic gold medal in the superheavyweight division, what have you done other than 'claim' you were trained by Sifu Wong Kiew Kit and continually made a numpty out of yourself on these message boards?

    Come on, tell us all about your star-studded Caribbean wedding again or the time you started mourning Nate Dogg when he kicked the bucket or how about telling us all some tales from your Navy Seal days! Hahahahahaha