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  • OINK OINK! OINK OINK! Feb 26, 2013 15:34 Flag

    Do you like you new Man U message board then?

    "I'm guessing the "Oink oink" is from too much reception of the pork dagger at the back door then!"

    Ok, you're not all that good at guessing going by that but hey, I'll take your word for it since it sounds like you're the expert in this field, I take it you've had loads of experience getting your backdoors smashed in with a pork dagger and doing a fair bit of oinking yourself?

    That's nice for you! LMFAO


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    • Sorry, am I meant to be embarassed that I'm a geek? By all means, please, don't let me live it down. I'm sure you will give me hell.

      Coincidentally, I am interested in Socialism, feminism and transgendered issues plus Youtube is a fantastic resource. It's good for more than just Harlem Shake and funny animal videos.

      I also love receiving anal, it's so yummy!