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  • Wise Son Wise Son Feb 22, 2013 13:20 Flag

    Military Cross for 1st Black Footballer

    I forget, do you still pretend you're not racist?

    • Why am i supposedly 'racist'? I was merely addressing the issue. I do not think someone should be awarded an honour because of the colour of their skin. Do you?

      Are you not the 'racist' brother?

    • Wise son seems as you are being the one being rascist I cannot see any reason for saying the powers that be overlooked his abilities because back then getting promoted to an officer from the ranks was a very rare honour back then, no matter what colour. There were many acts of valour in the first world war that were treated as everyday occurrences and far far too many that died. his exploits on the football field had no bearing on the battlefield and not a few returned their medals after the war as an demonstation of what they thought of the war