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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Feb 23, 2013 09:10 Flag

    Military Cross for 1st Black Footballer

    Why am i supposedly 'racist'? I was merely addressing the issue. I do not think someone should be awarded an honour because of the colour of their skin. Do you?

    Are you not the 'racist' brother?

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    • You're racist because you keep saying racist things.

      It's pretty simple, really.

      And you're not "addressing" the issue, you're actually avoiding discussing any of the pertinent facts, other than his race. No one has suggested that he deserves anything for being "black" or for being "downtrodden". The article lays out a great case for recognising what he did, rather than just "the colour of his skin", but you pretend that only race matters.

      It certainly suggests that you think there's no reason a person of colour can be honoured, other than "because of the colour of their skin".

      So, no, I'm not racist, and I'm sure as f*ck not your brother.

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      • I have never said anything 'racist', ever, IMO. Care to post links to the contrary? I do hope you are not going to be proven to be spouting utter nonsense yet again not so 'Wise One'.

        As for 'No one has suggested that he deserves anything for being ''black''', i would have thought the fact that the guys skin colour is even mentioned is a form of suggestion, would you not??? No, of course not, how could i be so silly as to even entertain the thought that you would think that.

        I STRONGLY believe that Britain can be able to honour ANY person, of ANY colour for services rendered.


        Are we not ALL brothers, brother??

        I do hope you are not being 'racist'.

        Much universal love brother!

        Much universal love!!!

      • OK, the board won't let me post links, but I can post the quotes from this board:

        "Those poor enslaved Black men. All the fault of England too, didn't you know???"

      • More from Fab:
        "that is what has always caused my uneducated mind trouble upon hearing the black peoples constantly whine on about what happened to their peoples by the terrible super powers of the chosen time"

        " it is an ingrained fault of the black people to hold a grudge against those white peoples who have so genorously welcomed the black peoples into modern societys."

      • And Fab continues:

        "I do believe you are proving the theory of the 'universal chip' with every post you make."

        "Also Rio, as a black man, has a history of being enslaved by the white race. This is engrained in every black persons psychee (deny that if you will, but that is the truth). The white man does not suffer this feeling. The white man has no real need to hold a grudge against the black peoples. If only the black peoples could find it within themselves to get over their grudge, perhaps life would be easier for all?"

      • Weird, couldn't reply to fab's message, so I'll do it here, I guess.

        No, we're not all brothers. I only consider "brothers" or "sisters" those who have demonstrated themselves to deserve such a term. Anyone CAN be my bother or sister, but when they behave like you, why would I accept them? Nothing to do with racism, other than your demonstrated racism.

        "i would have thought the fact that the guys skin colour is even mentioned is a form of suggestion, would you not???"

        What, so if the headline had been "Military Cross for Yorkshire footballer", they would be suggesting he deserved an honour for being a Yorkshireman? His race is what makes him unusual (there were no black officers, or black top-flight professional footballers before him), but his military service is the only thing offered as a justification for any honours. I would accept that his race is used as something to create interest in the story, but not to suggest a reason for honours.

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