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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Feb 23, 2013 17:39 Flag

    Military Cross for 1st Black Footballer

    Oh i see, so every time i refer to a race i am 'racist' yet the same does not apply to you or Chris or the headline story of this thread.

    Now i'm getting it!

    Gosh. I am awful.

    • I though I saw his name (wiseson) on a loaf of bread but when I looked loser it said THICK CUT

    • Pixie, you are racist. That's been proved time and time again.

    • "Oh i see, so every time i refer to a race i am 'racist'"

      That's what youthink is happeneing?

      No, it's when you talk about a race as if everyone in that race thinks or behaves the same;

      It's also when you say that white is "the best", implicitly stating that all other races are inferior;

      When you are clearly ignorant of the facts relating to racial conversations, but expect your opinions to hold equal weight to thoseof people who are better-informed;

      When you characterise entire races as being irrational, unreasonable and / or childish.

      As I've said before, there are plenty of people on here that have discussed ethnicity and racism on here, who I have never suggested were racist, as they discuss those issues without doing any of those things.

      But I imagine you will continue not to get it. Keep playing the martyr, if it makes you feel better.