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  • Wise Son Wise Son Feb 23, 2013 17:47 Flag

    Military Cross for 1st Black Footballer

    "Oh i see, so every time i refer to a race i am 'racist'"

    That's what youthink is happeneing?

    No, it's when you talk about a race as if everyone in that race thinks or behaves the same;

    It's also when you say that white is "the best", implicitly stating that all other races are inferior;

    When you are clearly ignorant of the facts relating to racial conversations, but expect your opinions to hold equal weight to thoseof people who are better-informed;

    When you characterise entire races as being irrational, unreasonable and / or childish.

    As I've said before, there are plenty of people on here that have discussed ethnicity and racism on here, who I have never suggested were racist, as they discuss those issues without doing any of those things.

    But I imagine you will continue not to get it. Keep playing the martyr, if it makes you feel better.

    • 'Wise One', i can assure you that i DO NOT believe 'everyone' of a certain race behaves and thinks the same, that would be daft. I do however believe that each race has characteristics of their own. Do you not?

      My 'mrs' IS the best as far as i am concerned and YES she happens to be green eyed and blonde and white. I DO NOT have ANY interest in black women. Sorry, that's the truth. If that makes me 'racist' so be it.

      This thread IS 'racist'.

      The FACT they keep on going on and on about the guys skin colour only feeds the ignorant (you do too brother). The guy should recieve his honour (like that's worth a toss!) because of his actions. As should many many others who fought for this once great empire.

      Much love.

    • Just admit the fact you're racist brother, you're always giving the white boys a hard time on here and then playing the victim.