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  • Wise Son Wise Son Feb 23, 2013 19:24 Flag

    Military Cross for 1st Black Footballer

    "i can assure you that i DO NOT believe 'everyone' of a certain race behaves and thinks the same, that would be daft."

    The quotes I've posted of yours paint a different picture. All that #$%$ about "every black person's psyche" and "constantly hearing black epoples whining"? I agree that that is daft, but that's what you were saying.

    "I do however believe that each race has characteristics of their own. Do you not?"

    Yes, as far as melanin levels, phenotype similarities and language. Beyond that, no.

    "My 'mrs' IS the best as far as i am concerned and YES she happens to be green eyed and blonde and white"

    But you specifically said her ethnicity makes her the best. It wasn't that she "happened" to be white, you were making a very specific point about it. I think that my wife is the best, but if you asked me why, I would list her personal qualities, not her race, hair or eye colour.

    " I DO NOT have ANY interest in black women. Sorry, that's the truth. If that makes me 'racist' so be it. "

    Not having an interest isn't racist. Believing they're inferior to white women, which you certainly implied, is.

    "This thread IS 'racist'."

    Oh, well, if you say so. Oh, wait, no.

    "The FACT they keep on going on and on about the guys skin colour only feeds the ignorant (you do too brother)."

    Why does it only feed the ignorant? His skin colour meant that he had to put in significantly more effort, in order to achieve what he did, than other people would have had to. The only ignorance there is in the people who placed irrational obstacles in his way (like the fans whose racist abuse he had to endure, or the regulations that non-whites should not be promoted to officer ranks).

    His skin colour places his achievements in a very different context, and is the only reason I can see that he was not honoured for his military service, so how is mentioning it "feeding the ignorant"?

    Also, as I said, you've got some way to go to prove yourself any "brother" of mine.

    " The guy should recieve his honour (like that's worth a toss!) because of his actions."

    Oh, so when you said, "Ah, the poor downtrodden black. Pin a medal on him,just because he is," that's what you really meant? I guess we must have just missed the sophisticated nuances of the point you were trying to make.

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