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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Feb 26, 2013 20:55 Flag

    Yet more threads dissapearing.

    Oh dear....

    "If a 'racist' is someone who believes that each and every race in general has its own characteristics, then i must be."

    'Pretty much, then, yes.'

    Oh right Wisey, so if i were to state that there are more mass murderers who are white that makes me anti-white and 'racist' according to you? Or how about more honour killings are performed in the asian community?

    "If a 'racist' is someone who actually quite liked the way his country was before mass immigration was forced upon it, then i must be."

    'And in exactly what ways has it changed for the worse?'

    The culture of this country is being eroded, the green fields are being built upon, the benefit system cannot cope, the schools cannot cope, the hospitals cannot cope, 60% of street crime is commited by afro caribbean men whilst they only make up 15% of the populace.....etc etc

    "If a 'racist' is someone who believes in calling a spade a spade, then i must be."

    'In my experience, racists hate calling things for what they are, and are addicted to lies or, at best, half-truths. You do seem to be fitting in with that pattern.'

    Seems to me it is you who hates calling things for what they are. Care to inform me as to the 'lies' i am supposedly 'addicted to'?

    "If however a 'racist' is someone who dislikes a person purely because of the colour of their skin, then i most certainly am NOT."

    So what is the explanation for the snide and offensive comments you've kept making about non-whites, which I quoted on here a week or so ago?

    That's the thing Wisey, i take the rise out of you and it's 'racist', if i did the same to a white guy he would not believe it to be 'racist' at all. Taking the p!ss out of you is taking the p!ss out of YOU and NOT out of the whole black population. Just because i may say things that i know will make you bite does not make me 'racist' either. If i didn't like people because of the colour of their skin i would bloody well say it. I happen to have friends who are black and grew up with black and asian kids who were my friends back in the day when there was REAL f*cking racism on the streets of this country.

    You really do have a MASSIVE chip on your shoulder. I also seem to recall it was also you who resorted to petty name calling when you found yourself floundering recently.

    If you wish to think of me as racist so be it. I would say look at yourself first.

    Much love.