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  • I knew you'd make a thread about Kagawas performance today, at least one of us has some foresight!

    As myself and Stefan argued you before, his courage was never in question, he proved that in his excellent debut against Everton, and several times since. Its just another example of impatient fans jumping the gun with a new player, you being the main culprit this time.

    It would be nice Jim if you showed a bit of humility (just once?) and had started the thread with a title like 'I was wrong', but in your head you've already convinced yourself you aren't, haven't you?

    • Foresight that took until March from August to be realised.
      To point out what even Fergie and his old manager have said, is not 'an impatient fan jumping on the bandwagon' , merely stating the obvious. Its taken him some time to adjust. Hopefully he can kick on from today. Then he will be an excellent addition to the squad.
      I continue to be honoured by the attention you obviously give to my posts, thank you. And I say that with great humility.

    • I think that's a little harsh. If Jim was still on Kagawa's case after today's performance, you'd have a point, but he's giving Kagawa his due, here. I haven't agreed with his criticisms of Kagawa, either, but this thread seems like a fair response.