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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Mar 5, 2013 14:30 Flag

    Possible teams for Real Madrid?

    You know when Slayer is making more sense than you, you're not the full ticket.

    Enter Spursbrat.....

    'u obviously don't want la liga then!'

    How do you get 'want' and 'watch' mixed up??!

    No, Madrid couldnt beat Valencia at home, but they recently walloped them 5-0 away, and their away form is so #$%$ they've just beaten Barca away too! They may not have been at their best this season, but they've just come into some very dangerous form. Mourinho wiped the floor with Barca tactically, twice.

    I'd take Di Maria in a heartbeat, and if we give Ronnie too much of our focus, the Argentine is capable of punishing us.

    Its 50-50 tonight, both teams are capable of winning by a few goals, only a simpleton with no knowledge of the game would dare assert otherwise. But we have the firepower to hurt them. Its a shame our wide play has been so poor recently, because we need everyone at their best to beat them. Stefans line up is exactly what I'm hoping for.

    Can't wait!