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  • Wise Son Wise Son Mar 7, 2013 22:46 Flag

    Luka Modric

    No, Ian, this is Spursbabe.

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    • "What pro-United posters have been spamming the boards, and making unprovoked abusive comments?"

      "I've never defended him for those comments, but fair enough, I should, and resolve to, point out that he can react to, and insult the content of your posts without references to your gender. That is something I should have been doing."

      ian, eric & rikki all have made unprovoked abusive comments quite regularly towards me.
      also, im not asking u to speak up against it. but im pointing out u speak up against it when a ABU does it but not when a utd fan does. for example, like i have pointed out with ian. but its your choice. when ian,rikki & eric say abusive comments towards me i just usually ignore it as none of us respect them so why should we care what they say. i dont need u to speak up against it. but as i explained, i just find it very selective, unwise & biased of u to speak up against it when its done to utd supporter. especially when that utd supporter is abusive & sexist. basically, choose who u defend more wisely! or dont. up to u.
      me-"also how (many) posts does ian actually make about utd compared to arguing with abus/trolls?"

      u-"More than he'd be making if the ABUs grew up and left. What I see seems to be Ian reacting to ABU abuse, not instigating it."
      that just shows how biased u are being. if u thought rationally surely u could work out that the more u respond & the more attention u give to ABUs, the more they will post.
      do u really think getting in to an argument with them is the most wise thing to do?
      u could click ignore button if its still there? or theres just ignoring them mentally. surely u dont have any respect for these ABUs or what they say? so in that case why argue back.
      can only be 1 reason. u & ian like to argue with them. in that case, it kind of defeats your whole annoyance at the ABUs for pestering the boards. u & ian both actively encourage ABUs.
      u seem to want to whinge about them but at the same time do everything in your power to attract them & get them to post even more.

      "I've never once tried to shut down or avoid a discussion on homophobia, so why say I'm ignoring it?"
      because u dont speak up against it which means u are ignoring the problem arent u?
      but u seem to think if u dont shut down or avoid speaking on an issue, u are doing enough for that cause.

    • also, i think u are being very naive if u don't think their are in things in regards to what to speak out against. maybe u live in a different community to me. but where i live its much more "in" to speak out against racism than things like homophobic issues. maybe u don't like the term "the in thing". by that i mean its more accepted to speak out against it. we can throw sexism & mental health issues in to the less so in things.

      & i never meant u cant speak up against racism if u don't speak up on other serious issues. u are free to do what u want. all im saying is, shouldn't u be speaking up on other serious issues too? if u feel u shouldn't, then that's your choice.

      u can use relevance as an excuse not to talk about other issues. When there's a thread about we should do more to combat racism in football, surely me saying we should also do much more about homophobic issues too is fairly relevant. & even if I do mention a issue that's irrelevant to the thread, that's a pretty irrelevant excuse for u personally not doing more to help with that issue.

      & even when its an irrelevant issue to the thread, I still have a relevant point. its why are so many people quick to speak up against issues they don't do, yet bury their head in the sand on issues we do nothing about to stop! yet still no one has said an acceptable reason why they do this.

      & just so we are clear, i never said i have a problem with people speaking up against racism. i have a problem with people who speak up against 1 issue like racism (happened to be racism because that's the only issue people have regularly really mentioned on these boards), but then are actively harming other issues. for example ian,rikki & eric. between them they have spouted a combination of sexist, homophobic & mental disability abuse. but then i see them on a thread speaking up against racism. i just think that's completely wrong. & i think they are smug speaking out against racism trying to make themselves feel like they are a good human being, despite the fact they spout sexist, homophobic & mental disability abuse. also i don't think it helps a cause when someone like ian,eric or rikki spouting sexist, homophobic & mental disability abuse supports your cause. its not good by association really is it!