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  • Wise Son Wise Son Mar 7, 2013 19:37 Flag

    Luka Modric

    "1st of all I didn't say u have to keep telling ian in every conversation he has been childish.
    u could just point it out once when he says something childish."

    If he says it in a conversation where my principles make me feel I should speak out, I will. If it's against an ABU troll, I have no reason to.

    "I still think its a valid point."

    It's a valid point, but it had nothing to do with the conversation that was going on at the time, and where you disliked what I was saying. It was like having a conversation about match fixing, and saying, "Unless you are doing something about Shell being involved in wiping out the Ogoni people in Kenya, you should get off your high horse." They're valid, serious causes, but not something to drag into any conversation where you don't like what someone's saying.

    "why is it unsubstantiated? everyone with a brain on this board knew what I was on about & knew that we all support & fund child slavery."

    It wasn't substantiated because you never explained why it was a valid point in that conversation, or in relation to me, to United, to football, or to racism in or out of football, and because you seemed unable to make any specific points relating to it. I was willing to have a conversation about it, and you refused. Frankly, you didn't seem to care about the slavery as anything other than a device to derail a conversation you weren't enjoying.

    "it seems the in thing to speak up against racism but ignore homophobic problems in football."

    The "in" thing? Have you seen the attacks that come the way of anyone who does so? You make it sound like it's something people only do to win points. I am also not happy about homophobia in football, and am looking forward to the first out gay footballer (because statistically, it's impossible there hasn't been one, just not one who felt able to be out), although they will get a lot of abuse. I've never once tried to shut down or avoid a discussion on homophobia, so why say I'm ignoring it?

    "I hear far more homophobic chants and verbal abuse than racist ones."

    Not surprising, there have been more active efforts to punish racism in the game than homophobia. I do agree it's of equal importance.

    "my point about child slavery was to show how hypocritical u are being. u help support & fund child slavery which is mainly other non white races who suffer from it, yet u speak up against racist verbal abuse in our game."

    Why should the races who are slaves matter? Also, I know that my money may well end up getting into the pockets of companies who use child slavery, and I try to avoid that (remember when I asked you which companies you knew of that used slavery, and for some reason you refused to do so), but how have I once "supported" child slavery? You accuse me of supporting them as if I've been defending the practice. That's dishonest and very insulting.

    "I think a lot of people got annoyed with me for pointing out how we all gladly speak up against things we don't do, yet bury our head in the sand on issues we do nothing about."

    No, I, at least, was annoyed that you were acting as if we were "sticking our heads in the sand", and came across as if you saw yourself as some brave free-thinker confronting us with our hypocrisy. It's a subject I care about, and oppose, but I had had no reason to talk about it on here, and you had no good reason to bring it up in the way you did.

    "at least im honest & say I should be standing up & doing a lot more to stop things like child abuse & slave labour."

    If that was what you'd said, I wouldn't have had a problem with it.