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  • Wise Son Wise Son Mar 7, 2013 19:48 Flag

    Luka Modric

    "how many utd trolls do u speak up to?"

    What pro-United posters have been spamming the boards, and making unprovoked abusive comments? I remember there was a United supporter who was making racist comments, who I did criticise, and recently I've told United supporters that attacking ABUs with homophobic or transphobic comments was wrong. But I see nothing wrong with them reacting to ABU trolls, if that is what they want to do.

    "its ok for ian to be childish but not a abu/troll? "

    I didn't criticise that ABU for childishness, I just pointed out that their childishness and primary-school level of grammar meant that their pathetic impersonation of Ian was never going to be convincing. I didn't even tell them they shouldn't be doing it, just that it was a waste, as they're intellectually incapable of doing a good job of it. Why are you attacking me for things I didn't say?

    "but also, u don't think ian has asked for some abuse back by the way he has spoken to other posters?"

    The abuse Ian gets? ABUs making racist comments about his wife? ABUs posting as his dead mother, or mocking him for having lost his mother? No, I don't think he's ever posted anything has "asked for" that. If you think he has, then PLEASE demonstrate where.

    "he regular calls me bint & cun*. & then I see u defending him. "

    I've never defended him for those comments, but fair enough, I should, and resolve to, point out that he can react to, and insult the content of your posts without references to your gender. That is something I should have been doing.

    "also how post does ian actually make about utd compared to arguing with abus/trolls?"

    More than he'd be making if the ABUs grew up and left. What I see seems to be Ian reacting to ABU abuse, not instigating it.

    "your problem is you try to paint yourself as a perfect human who has never had any bad thoughts or ever been judgemental, hypocritical, mean, nasty, done any wrong etc."

    No, that's just your impression.

    "u don't seem to accept u have any flaws. its quite cringing watching u make out u never do any wrong."

    I have many flaws, and do many things wrong (goodness knows, one of my flaws in the past has been spending more time on here than I should have, but I think we've all doen that ;) ), just not the things you're accusing me of.