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  • Wise Son Wise Son Mar 7, 2013 19:52 Flag

    Luka Modric

    "I'm pretty certain the so-called ABUs don't give a #$%$ about your own existence on this board, why should they?"

    I'd be quite happy if they didn't care about my existence, but they clone my account, and start threads purely devoted to me. I don't think it's a useful way to spend time, and if you agree, you're better off asking them why they do it, than asking me.

    "You won't see the so-called ABUs /trolls copying stefan, jim w, mu_devon, and a handful of other decent Man U fans whose names evade me as I write."

    No, the copying's a recent thing. But all of those have been abused, despite being, as you say, decent posters.

    "What are you doing wrong idiotic son?"

    Doing wrong? Have you seen the mass of malcontented miscreants that form the ABUs? If they liked me, then I'd know I was doing something wrong.