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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Mar 7, 2013 06:22 Flag

    LETS ALL LAUGH at.......ROONEY!!!

    Yes Piers Morgan told him the moment ManU finally managed to sign a bit of REAL CLASS from Arsenal in Van Persie (Don't worry, Eric still thinks the guy is NOT world class (GUFFAW!)) and now the WHOLE WORLD is telling him...

    Rooney, you're now the second best striker at VERY Old Trafford (Hmmmm...probably 4th actually!).

    To think the granny shagger even held SLUR to ransom only yesteryear because of supposed transfer policies (another GUFFAW!), with SLUR bending over backwards to placate as he was supposedly 'JUST TOO GOOD' and all the while SLUR was secretly SALIVATING over the ARSENAL MAN.

    So today, spare a thought for Rooney GLORY SUPPORTERS, you know, the lad honed to perfection through YEARS of schooling, only to be KICKED OUT the moment a bit of ARSENAL arrives!

    'But ...but....HE'S NOT WORLD CLASS FAB!' i hear Eric and IAN and RIKKI and KUNG FU MASTER CHRISSY....and Not so Wise One ............WHIMPER...............in frankly PATHETIC TONES.

    Verily MUCH LOVE!!!

    Verily MUCH LOVE!!!

    Fab LAUGHS at YOU......



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