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  • JWD JWD Mar 10, 2013 19:51 Flag

    How on earth did Chelsea not win that match?

    SAF had a face like thunder at full-time, didn't he?

    SAF hasn't had the best of weeks with Manchester United getting dumped out of Europe by Real Madrid and now he has had to sit and watch his side squander a 2-0 lead at home against Chelsea.

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    • There's only one word i can say about the performance.Complacency.United should have buried Chelsea in the first half and it was a shock that they adopted to the same technique they used against Real Madrid.I fear United might get "lazy" and adopt to this style which does not suit the teams traditional way of playing.Defend and then counter attack.You could see that they took their foot off the peddle and this allowed Chelsea to come back.Loss of concentration resulted in lots of miss-placed passes from all angles in the field.It was so frustrating to watch this team last night.The mid-field got exposed big time.Fergie said its because of the Real game.This is just encouraging the team to get even more lazier,because they know they can get away from it from the coach.