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  • Wise Son Wise Son Mar 10, 2013 20:02 Flag

    What a difference half time makes

    Chelsea did well in that game. I was really impressed with, well, all of the goals, just obviously wish the second pair hadn't happened.

    Both Carrick's pass and Chicharito's header for the first goal were brilliant, and that free kick was great (and good team work, with Evans drawing away the defenders).

    We were strongly on top in the first half, and were passing in the manner that I imagine Fergie has always been aiming at. I don't think Chelsea were actually any worse in the first half than the second, we just really did too much to allow them back in, particularly with increasingly sloppy passing. I really was shocked by the difference in our performances between the two halves.

    Complacency is our worst enemy, and I hope these two results will serve to eliminate it from our game.

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