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  • Neil Neil Mar 11, 2013 15:25 Flag

    Off the ball incident - Ferdinand/Torres

    There's no excuse for what Rio did to Torres.

    It was off the ball and away from where the ball was so I don't think you can cite bias from Webb or say he turned a blind eye - he'd probably get sacked for not dealing with it if he did see it.

    Not that any player should do this but why do that to Torres.. he's not exactly a player who we need to take down a peg or two.. he's in the doldrums already!

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    • True, it was a straightforward stupid thing to do, especially as Chelsea's incarnation of Torres is not exactly someone we need to be scared of. I can only assume Webb didn't see it, as it was so far off the ball, otherwise, Rio would be incredibly lucky if he only got booked for that.