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  • Bear-Faced Cheek Bear-Faced Cheek Mar 11, 2013 13:57 Flag

    Off the ball incident - Ferdinand/Torres

    Why didn't Rio get a red card for that off the ball 'assault' on Torres?

    Was it because Howard Webb had his selective Man United favouring vision in play again?

    Rio's behaviour is disgusting, berating a referee after the defeat against Real Madrid and now kicking another player to the floor in an off the ball incident and getting away with it, all because Chelsea had pulled themselves back level...

    ...and he was spitting the dummy over it!

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    • There's no excuse for what Rio did to Torres.

      It was off the ball and away from where the ball was so I don't think you can cite bias from Webb or say he turned a blind eye - he'd probably get sacked for not dealing with it if he did see it.

      Not that any player should do this but why do that to Torres.. he's not exactly a player who we need to take down a peg or two.. he's in the doldrums already!