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  • Wise Son Wise Son Mar 12, 2013 19:19 Flag

    Carricks Pass of the season

    Definitely agreed. The header was amazing, but so was Carrick's pass. You can see how the more obvious pass was out wide to Rafael on the wing, and so many times we've seen a pass of that type just go sailing uselessly out. He weighted it perfectly, and it speaks very well of his vision and technique.

    Rio was quoted in the Metro this morning saying it's annoying that players like Carrick don't get the accolades that "more explosive" players do.

    Anyone suggesting it was a fluke is showing themselves up as a rabid ABU, and / or someone who knows very little about football.

    Carrick has been performing brilliantly through the season, and was playing much better last season than he was given credit for (and for pretty much all of his United career, I think).

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      'Carrick is GOD!'

      Of the sideways pass perhaps.

      Anyone who thinks otherwise is showing themselves up as a rabid glory supporter who would have trouble pointing to Manchester on a map of the world.

      Know what i mean?

      F*ck me one half decent pass (Which he probably never meant,as you well know!) and you lot are lauding him as the next ...................................................................Alex Song!!!


      Much love!

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      • "'Carrick is GOD!'"

        Pretty sure I'd remember saying that. And you still pretending that Carrick's game is limited to the sideways pass just highlights your ridiculous bias.

        It wasn't one half-decent pass - it's passing ability that has been excellent and sustained over a significant period. I've posted links before that demonstrate with hard numbers that he is up there with players considered the best in the game right now. That's not my opinion, just stats on passes completed, given away, and over what distances. Not sure if yahoo would let me post the link now, but I don't imagine you'd want it anyway.