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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Mar 13, 2013 19:44 Flag

    Those damn STATS!

    Oh Wisey, yet again you go galloping off into fantasy land i see!

    The only reason i begun this thread was because i was unable to reply to your post in the original thread due to the max amount of reply options being reached. Sorry to deflate your ego old boy.

    I did say something about the stats. In fact that is ALL i spoke of! That site has Mertesaker down as having made just ONE mistake ALL SEASON!!! And you expect me to rely on their findings!!!

    Lastly Wisey i don't 'lie about people', so stop with the bull.

    'Carrick is God!!!!'


    Much love

    • Sure Fab, sure. Everyone else has worked out how to navigate the (appallingly designed) new forum except you.

      Actually, that does sound pretty plausible.

      "I did say something about the stats. "

      ...About another player. Come on, Fab. Try harder.

      "Lastly Wisey i don't 'lie about people', so stop with the bull."

      You lie all the time. In fact, you follow up your protestation of innocence with another lie, "quoting" me saying Carrick is god. Just like you lie about me being racist, and other things I have said. Like you say, "stop with the bull". (See, that's how you quote someone - quote what they actually said, not what you wish they said)