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  • Wise Son Wise Son Mar 23, 2013 09:33 Flag

    Let's all have a choc ice

    "Ok, so you're questioning that there's educated white gentlemen now?"

    Wow, that's either an impressive or really desperate attempt to deliberately misread some kind of anti-white racism into what I said. OK, let's attemt to remove any ambiguity: I'm not questioning that there are educated, white gentlemen, Im questioning your suggestion that being educated and a gentlemen are something so exclusively associated with white people that a black person whose behaviour shows such qualities is, as you said, "passing themselves off" as white.

    "Yeah, I forgot, you're a self-confessed nerd so not suitable materical to be a gangster on the hussle, you're too much of a #$%$ for that way of life."

    So, anyone who is not a "gangster on the hussle" (whatever "hussle" is), is a "#$%$," who is "not suitable materical" (whatever "materical" is)? Also, "self-confessed" makes it sound like being a nerd is something to be ashamed of.