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  • OINK OINK OINK OINK Mar 25, 2013 13:58 Flag

    Let's all have a choc ice


    Srange, there seems to be some replies missing, it looks like Wise Son has been snitching to Yahoo again!

    What's up, do you not like getting shown up or something?

    Hahahaha you're a joke!


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Pretty sure if you choose for the thread to be displayed as a message list, instead of threaded, the messages will all be there.

      It's another example of how badly-designed this forum is, but if you'd rather believe (wrongly) that I've been reporting mesages and getting them deleted, you just go on and knock yourself out, Piggy.

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      • http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/mb/?&bn=37a5f925-9c89-36bb-a3aa-ee8b56c54c53&tid=1363183521815-bb233752-a9ab-48a2-b695-39aaa9629d10&mid=00002b00002I00003I00002b0000bI-c2b26d93-6cc5-414c-a375-933840ec074e

        If this link works, here's my original reply. Enjoy.

      • "Since Wise Son got it deleted the first time I posted it, I'll say it again;

        A choc ice is the British abbreviation for a chocolate ice cream."

        You persist in assuming it's me getting your posts deleted? It's getting boring now. Whoever did get your post deleted, my response to it is still there - switch to 'message list' view, and it's on March 15th. Seeing as that's proably slightly too complex for you, I'll try to post a link, but this forum is weird about that, so it may well not come through.

    • Sorry ‘Geordie Girl’ your latest piece of rubbish has been held in an ‘ABU Queue.’

      Press 1 – If you hate yourself.

      Press 2 – If you want to be taught how a football forum works.

      Press 3 – If you require some more anger management.

      Press 4 – If you just feel insecure and just want to cry in your dirty bedsit.

      Press 5 – If you want to be torn a new one again by any one of many posters on this board.

      Press 6 – To upgrade your posting status to ‘Sandgrounder’.

      Press 7 – To contact ChildLine and chat with a counsellor.

      Press 8 – If you wish to discontinue being a ‘Keyboard Warrior’.

      Press 9 – To get help with your obsession and hatred of Manchester United.

      Press 10 – If you want to call for some more ABU backup.

      Press 11 – If the dribble from your mouth is dripping on your keyboard.

      Press 12 – To stop being tormented on this board.