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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 25, 2013 18:35 Flag

    Let's all have a choc ice

    Sorry ‘Geordie Girl’ your latest piece of rubbish has been held in an ‘ABU Queue.’

    Press 1 – If you hate yourself.

    Press 2 – If you want to be taught how a football forum works.

    Press 3 – If you require some more anger management.

    Press 4 – If you just feel insecure and just want to cry in your dirty bedsit.

    Press 5 – If you want to be torn a new one again by any one of many posters on this board.

    Press 6 – To upgrade your posting status to ‘Sandgrounder’.

    Press 7 – To contact ChildLine and chat with a counsellor.

    Press 8 – If you wish to discontinue being a ‘Keyboard Warrior’.

    Press 9 – To get help with your obsession and hatred of Manchester United.

    Press 10 – If you want to call for some more ABU backup.

    Press 11 – If the dribble from your mouth is dripping on your keyboard.

    Press 12 – To stop being tormented on this board.