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  • Wise Son Wise Son Mar 25, 2013 22:36 Flag

    Let's all have a choc ice

    Pretty sure if you choose for the thread to be displayed as a message list, instead of threaded, the messages will all be there.

    It's another example of how badly-designed this forum is, but if you'd rather believe (wrongly) that I've been reporting mesages and getting them deleted, you just go on and knock yourself out, Piggy.

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    • http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/mb/?&bn=37a5f925-9c89-36bb-a3aa-ee8b56c54c53&tid=1363183521815-bb233752-a9ab-48a2-b695-39aaa9629d10&mid=00002b00002I00003I00002b0000bI-c2b26d93-6cc5-414c-a375-933840ec074e

      If this link works, here's my original reply. Enjoy.

    • "Since Wise Son got it deleted the first time I posted it, I'll say it again;

      A choc ice is the British abbreviation for a chocolate ice cream."

      You persist in assuming it's me getting your posts deleted? It's getting boring now. Whoever did get your post deleted, my response to it is still there - switch to 'message list' view, and it's on March 15th. Seeing as that's proably slightly too complex for you, I'll try to post a link, but this forum is weird about that, so it may well not come through.