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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Mar 14, 2013 12:49 Flag

    "The first club to put two past Bayern in all competitions this season."

    Writes a glory supporter, the type of person, who believes, that the achievments of a football club, somehow adds to his sense of his own self worth.

    Much like fantasising you are a Kung Fu master killer Navy Seal i guess.


    • Oh dear pixie..Byern were already through..they were just toying with your small club.

    • Says the Palace fan who misses big games to post here!

      Hows the kids and the Asian wife Pixie? Heard shes blonde now, and you're not a black Kenyon anymore??! Go the Michael Jackson route did you?!

      I can't keep up with your stories, jackanory!

      Been to the Metro lately? Do you wear your pink suit and shout 'let me hear you SCREEEAM!!!'

      Deary me, please keep them coming Pixie Poodle, 24/7, at least your lack of life (and fantasy world) gives us a laugh!