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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Mar 14, 2013 22:54 Flag

    "The first club to put two past Bayern in all competitions this season."

    You seem awfully tense wannabe Navy Seal. I bet those lips are flapping! A REAL sight to behold i'm sure!!!

    In retort to your latest bag of wind, one lets out a MIGHTY CHORTLE.

    To read you, of ALL people (Thick Rikk aside, granted) trying to berate the time another user spends posting on these boards, i mean, how many YEARS have you been on!?!?! How many IDs do you use!?!?!?! How many WEEKENDS have you spent on here!?!?!


    Show us yer moves Kung Fu rudebwoy! One could do with a laugh.

    That aside, run along.

    Much love.