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    as aah wez saying


    They’re all against us every #$%$ one of them, the refs, the fa,fifa, chelsea Liverpool, ITV, BBC, Channel 4 ..... look at the sending off against Madrid that #$%$ referee Kaccy – sent our lad off for no reason – aah was fuming and as Phil said I was nae in a fit state to comment after the match – mind you that could a been because of the 2 bottles that Josie give me before the match that I slugged doon at half time. If Madrid had nae scored the goal we would have scored one and that woulddae made it 2 -1 to us.. make sense doesn’t it – but these #$%$ cannae see it. Then #$%$ Chelsea and fatty raffy comes up – aave no time for the man – same as daglish aah hate the #$%$. Rafy says I wouldnae shake his hand at the start – I saw his hand and there was noot in it as there shouldae been – like a bottle of Whites and Mackays – which he shoulda given me as a visiter to Olt Traffed. Aah we had it all tied up in the first half and the #$%$ referee again gave two goals which were offside plus they’d fould all of our players all the way up the field. There’s no protection is there? They hate us SC*M we’re SC*M mey and you – just wait till aah speek with the ref before the next game!!!!!!!!!!

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