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  • SAF SAF Mar 14, 2013 19:10 Flag

    just a wee thought

    This club – the greatest club in the world – the club everbody knaes aboo Manchester United. Unfortunatelty it attracts all types. Aav’e nae bother with those who have nae life with empty lives working in tescos and watching coronation street but what gets me is thes e f*cking professional hangers on, bottom feeders, parasites who try to make others think that they are trying to speak a some authority from this great club – hanging ontae everything – walking round in United shirts putting shyte in the media and trying to tell me how ah should do me job. Soemof them probably living in places like Marseille in france claiming sickness benefits from this country and have gone there because they canna stand the weather in Manchester. No Dunkirk spirit there my lads boys.... not what this club is about. Aah’ve been in this game for over 50 years and the last thing aah need is some bottom feeder or wee creeps putting nonsense about as though the’re spokespersons for Manchester United

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