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    seagulls following the trawler


    Aaye this club attracts alot of hangers on ,bottomfeeders or as eric said seagulls following the trawler for any wee bit of glory.. call themselves supporters –they’never been to a match here , them that has ye cannae hear af*cking squeak out o them unless were 5 goals in front.. spineless joyriders –thats what they are.. noneties .. Anyway getting ready tae polish the PL trophy –it’s in oor grasp – but closer- last year aah thought it was oors till the last second of the f*cking sunderland game and then those f*ckers city scored... aaah couldnae believe – it! Aahd swigged 3 bottles a champagne at half time—and was puking up on the bus all the way back... those bastrds at sunderland , they’re against us as well....... aah won’t forgive them. Got tae go an face the music soon at the FA a cos of the comment aah made aboot the refs... not fer the firts time mind ye! Usually before I go into thse meetings the club doc gives me some medication to keep me calm , its gud stuff cos aah feel really relaxed and after half a bottle of Whites and Mackays aah feel a bit giggly and funny.. and it fools those f*uckers of the FA cos they think aahm just a jovial old drunken jock who wouldnae harm anyone and then let me off with a fine which the club pays anyway... f*ck em!!Finding a bit difficult with young wayne again.. trouble is he has nae brains... f*cking dopey... at the training ground the other day aah went intae the toilet and saw some smoke wafting over the cubicle.. aah pushed the door and there he waz puffing a way at #$%$ and drinking a can a snake bit.#$%$ me!!! NO SENSE so aah decide to go and meet his fether in the hope of him talking some sense intae his son. I arrived aet the hoose and when aah went in the door 3 #$%$ Alsatians #$%$ jumped on me – all aah cud hear was disco music and this blonde fat woman picked me up and chase doff teh f*cking dogs and aah asked to see wayne’s fether.. She took me through the hoos into a room and there he was lying like af*cking beached whale on the sofa with a #$%$ in his mooth, a can a lager in one hand and a big glass a whisky in the other.. aah thought f*cking hell... aahl’ get not sense outa this f*cker it’ll be like talking tae the wall.. so off ae went and phoned Davie Moyes , he said I’ll tek him back on loan and aah said ye can go an f*ck yerself - who de ye think we are Liverpool? and slammed the phone down. Next match up.. we better get a good referee.. like the one we had when we won 5-0 and 3-0 and 2- 0...

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