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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Mar 16, 2013 15:05 Flag

    Mancini's RIGHT....Wenger IS 'Stupid'

    Following Arsenal's exit to Bayern Munich on Wednesday night, Wenger claimed the Premier League had been given a "massive wake-up call" by its clubs' poor performance on the continent this term.

    But Mancini said: "Last year Chelsea won it and this year English football has three teams in the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

    "For three or four years English teams have won, or been to the final. For one year, other teams have done it.

    "When I read this thing about English football being down I thought it was stupid.

    "It is impossible to win every year. This reaction is like Italy where if you win one game you are the best team and if you don't it is a disaster.

    "This is football. If every year the same teams win, football would be like other things.

    "Football is good for this. Every year things can change."

    Sorry old Prune face, Francenal might have gone backwards every year for the past decade, but generally the league is getting stronger with the likes of Swansea, Everton and Spurs improving all the time. The reality is, as usual no one wants to give us the credit we deserve!

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