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  • SAF SAF Mar 17, 2013 12:39 Flag

    easy peasy

    aye almost there.. nae maer squeaky bum time in the EPL. Peed maself watching mancini after yesterdays result at Everton. Gud auld Davie!!! Aah wez watching the match in ma office yesterday and at half past two aah opened the door and oootside found 2 cases one wi 12 botlles o' red wine from Marks and spencers and the other with 6 bottles o McLaccan whisky - aah though aahl me birthdays and chismassess had come at once. apparently it was from the new Reading manager - Canna remember his name but there ye go - decent man, respectful and obviously intelligent.. That's waht aah mean when people come visiting tae gi yer hosts a wee somethin'. Not like that fat f*cking raffy who wez here the other week. Fat B****! aah hate the man... Anyway ontae the match.. Aaah decided to take it easy on Reading - aah dinna wanna kick them when there already doon.. also the wine an dwhisky they give me. There wez 6 bottles so merlot which is me favourite and what better to wash it doon than some classy Mcallans? Wayne scored - and aah told them to lay off unless reading start tae get cocky or moothy which give them their due.. they didnae. So 3 points in the bag and 15 ahead of the wee pizza delivery man mancini and his team acroos the way..nae problems wi the ref either... aah did warn them before the game though........... anyway gotae finish the wine off this week in case it goes off.

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