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  • Why didn't Rio just officially retire from playing for england.

    FFS..with his back problems he was never going to be any use.

    Just concentrate on finishing with Utd. He was o.k..but Messi always owned him..but he would anyone.

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    • Thats the arrogance of the man, he was hardly on the pitch last season and the previous season but he still wanted his name in the hat for international games...he cried like a baby last year when he was left out ( knowing that he could hardly keep fit for one game a week with Utd ) but when included in this squad he pulls out. He knew well only his treatment at Utd was allowing him to play at all but his arrogance and greed made him think he could play in internationals as well....SAF soon put him straight on that one...We're not spending thousands on your treatment so that you can p*ss it all away to satisfy your huge ego...

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      • I think you're projecting a bit of personal dislike of Rio onto the situation. He definitely has bad decision-making at times, but I don't think this was one of those situations. I don't remember him "crying" over not getting selected for England, other than saying he found out about it on Twitter, IIRC. I also didn't see him lobbying for a re-selection, and he reportedly travelled down to explain to Hodgson personally why he couldn't join the squad.

        That doesn't smack of arrogance to me, but maybe I've got some of the details wrong.