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  • Thats the arrogance of the man, he was hardly on the pitch last season and the previous season but he still wanted his name in the hat for international games...he cried like a baby last year when he was left out ( knowing that he could hardly keep fit for one game a week with Utd ) but when included in this squad he pulls out. He knew well only his treatment at Utd was allowing him to play at all but his arrogance and greed made him think he could play in internationals as well....SAF soon put him straight on that one...We're not spending thousands on your treatment so that you can p*ss it all away to satisfy your huge ego...

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    • I think you're projecting a bit of personal dislike of Rio onto the situation. He definitely has bad decision-making at times, but I don't think this was one of those situations. I don't remember him "crying" over not getting selected for England, other than saying he found out about it on Twitter, IIRC. I also didn't see him lobbying for a re-selection, and he reportedly travelled down to explain to Hodgson personally why he couldn't join the squad.

      That doesn't smack of arrogance to me, but maybe I've got some of the details wrong.

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      • I do have a personal dislike for him ,and for any player that uses his club to promote himself for his own ends, and yes you have got a lot of the details wrong .....What planet do you live on ?...Ferdinand spent two months telling anyone that would listen that he had been treated badly by the England manager....he made the managers job very hard by having to explain to the media three times a day why Ferdinand had been left out...Hodgson tried to contact him on numerous occasions but he was too busy tweeting to answer....Then when he does get the call up he pulls out of the squad after saying he would pack his bag and be on the first plane ....He wanted to be in the squad when it suited him...When he wasn't selected he wanted in...When he was selected he wanted out...A bit of respect for the club that pays his huge wages is called for, and as a forty year Man U supporter I help to pay them ...he should have spoken to his club manager before declaring that he was packing a bag and heading for the airport....

      • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2296933/Martin-Samuel--The-Debate-Hating-Rio-Ferdinand-problem-One-Direction-Harry-Nilsson-beats-Harry-Styles.html

      • good info on that link of rio being even more of an idiot wise son.

        he has got to be 1 of the most unlikeable footballers around.

        just in the last month alone he has done the following-

        shown his nasty side by pushing over torres for no reason off the ball. talk about kicking a man when he is down.

        more nastiness by sarcastically hand clapping in the Turkish refs face. just shows how little respect he has for others.

        been fined for speeding only a week after finishing driving ban.

        turned down England despite saying he would pack his bags straight away if he ever got called up again.

        didn't bother to answer or reply to woys answering machine till a lot later.
        but found time to go to a 1 direction concert & hang out with them.

        decides to do a 15hr round trip to Qatar despite saying he needs to stick to his recovery plan.

        adds to the long list of things like-

        out of order racist slur in his choc ice comments which does not help the fight against racism 1 little bit.

        missed drug test

        showing his homophobic side by calling moyles a #$%$

        drink driving ban. another driving ban! why is this country so lenient on driving offences

        oh & another 2 driving bans for speeding. so that's now 4 driving bans.

        kicks a chelsea steward. claims it was an accident. but only he knows. then refused to apologise properly to her. & even tried to play down her injuries. claimed it left no bruise when it clearly did.

      • You made six points in reply to my blog ...in four of them you weren't sure of your information..." I don't really follow news about the England team that much."....then why make comments about things you know nothing about ?....You need to get all the information before making comments about other peoples blogs...people who do know what they're talking about ....because wise son ...you aint so wise

      • "good info on that link of rio being even more of an idiot wise son."

        I don't know, the article seems to be purely responding to tweeters or commentators. Also, his points do seem pretty childish. Maybe I just dislike Samuels and the Mail.

        "shown his nasty side by pushing over torres for no reason off the ball. talk about kicking a man when he is down."

        Well, pushing, but not kicking. ;-) Like I said at the time, that was pretty stupid and pointless.

        "didn't bother to answer or reply to woys answering machine till a lot later."

        I thought he visited "Woy" in person?

        This thread is certainly making mention of a lot of things I'd simply never heard of: The homophobic insult, speeding, drunk driving, and a couple of others. One question I can answer is:

        "why is this country so lenient on driving offences"

        We're not, we're just ery lenient on celebrities. Bloody hell, look at someone like Pete Docherty, or just about any celebrity that's committed any crime, ever.

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