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  • "any player that uses his club to promote himself for his own ends,"

    OK, but I think I've missed the instances where he's been promoting himself as "Rio Ferdinand - as seen in Manchester United!"

    "Ferdinand spent two months telling anyone that would listen that he had been treated badly by the England manager"

    Fair enough, in all honesty I missed that. I don't really follow news about the England team that much.

    "he made the managers job very hard by having to explain to the media three times a day why Ferdinand had been left out"

    Is that Rio's fault or the media's then?

    "Hodgson tried to contact him on numerous occasions but he was too busy tweeting to answer"

    I'm assuming that's not literally true (as that would be a serious Twitter addiction).

    "Then when he does get the call up he pulls out of the squad after saying he would pack his bag and be on the first plane "

    I also wasn't aware of him saying that. That was a stupid thing to say if he knew he had a training programme to stick to. Even if it doesn't amount to a serious commitment, it does sound like posturing.

    "A bit of respect for the club that pays his huge wages is called for, and as a forty year Man U supporter I help to pay them ...he should have spoken to his club manager before declaring that he was packing a bag and heading for the airport...."

    Hang on, has his pundit job gotten in the way of anything United-related? If so, that would be annoying and disrespectful, but again, I wasn't aware of that being the case.