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  • "good info on that link of rio being even more of an idiot wise son."

    I don't know, the article seems to be purely responding to tweeters or commentators. Also, his points do seem pretty childish. Maybe I just dislike Samuels and the Mail.

    "shown his nasty side by pushing over torres for no reason off the ball. talk about kicking a man when he is down."

    Well, pushing, but not kicking. ;-) Like I said at the time, that was pretty stupid and pointless.

    "didn't bother to answer or reply to woys answering machine till a lot later."

    I thought he visited "Woy" in person?

    This thread is certainly making mention of a lot of things I'd simply never heard of: The homophobic insult, speeding, drunk driving, and a couple of others. One question I can answer is:

    "why is this country so lenient on driving offences"

    We're not, we're just ery lenient on celebrities. Bloody hell, look at someone like Pete Docherty, or just about any celebrity that's committed any crime, ever.