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  • Rio was never going te go an' play for them again after the way Hodgson treated him and especially with those f*ckers Terry and that little #$%$ Cole fra Chelsea. Rio had tae be careful what he said otherwise people would think he wasnae a patriot but one thing was certain he was nae gonna sit at the same table as terry and the other f*ckers from across at Liverpool. Nae love lost between any o' them. Even when they did play they couldnae wait te get away from each other. I said tae Rio leave it open because it then looks as though Hodgson is tae blame ... and of course that F*cker Terry. Who would want tae leave their valuables in the changing room while Terry was around , even on the pitch? Aah wouldnae leave a postage stamp in his care. So when Hodgson came knocking Rio said OK but then we had the ‘doctors note’ plan which really means ‘go an F’ck yerself!’ So Hodgson walks away with egg on his face... and Rio doesna get any o the flak from the media...
    Michael Owen retired!!!! Ye f*cker – he went oot tae grass years age when that f*cking wee club Newcastle were stupid enough tae pay all that money fer him along wi’ his wages. Aah only took him on here tae get the backs up of those f*ckers across a Liverpool.. as fer his value? #$%$ sake he wud get injured getting up oot a bed, reminded me of one a ma mates back in the shipyards in Glasgae years ago – always sick --- one time he stayed off work cos he’d broken his #$%$ thermos flask.... owen? waste a money

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