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  • I really had to laugh at the response from some of the ABU’s who posted their replies to my post last night and earlier today.... it reminded me very much of a bunch of juvenile hyenas . In fact I could almost visualize them in a group emitting sounds consisting of whoops, grunts, groans, lows, giggles, yells, growls, laughs and whines......

    Let’s see who posted shall we.... let’s see who took my bait?

    Redevildetester:= Sandgrounder/ironpin.
    “You ain.t got the brains or imagination or knowledge or class to be an ABU. in fact you are so F8cking boring all you can ever do is slag off us ABUs, you might as well dig a hole and get in it. Boring Ba&&ard.”


    A Yahoo! User = slayer/enginr00m... more like ‘ABU YAHOO LOSER’
    “Sorry, but you're just too thick, stupid and ugly to be an ABU.”
    “You just stick to being a gloryboy Man United supporter who everybody laughs at, it's the only thing in life that you're nearly good at.”
    “PS - your lists are pathetic, just like you are!”


    Pasty Smasher = Geordie girl
    “SL4YER - who only ever talks about ABUS and posts lists of nonsense that nobody ever bothers to read through.”
    “To be honest, I stopped reading his post at the first mention of the term ABU.”


    FABONGRASS = pixie
    “Oh lookie!”
    “The board 'poet' is off on another of his canters.”

    Is that the best you girls can manage as a comeback to my wind-up.... then you should all be ashamed of yourselves.....isn’t that the sort of stuff that troubled teenagers would write?

    So once again... is it ‘An ABUs life for ME?’...... No I don’t think so somehow.

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