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  • Lobby Lud Lobby Lud Mar 29, 2013 08:19 Flag

    An ABUs Life for Me?

    A Geordies leif fre me?

    Ah wez wondering the other dyah whether or not Aa'd any o the qualities tha waad myek me a canny good Geordie so Ah looked at some o the values tha the one Geordie has on this forum tha Aa'd also require te myek the grade as a Geordie.... an Ah cyame up wi this list:-

    Te be able te wake up in the morning sharp enough te fire up me computer an post on a footie forum tha Ah don’t support before deein me pyeppor roond .

    Te be inflicted wi an obsession of jealousy an hatred against another footie club an also towards the supporters of tha footie team.

    Te be able te set aside the whole of me leif posting annoying an repetitive posts an not even bein aware just hoo pathetic an sad it is.

    Not bein able te lead or hev a normal sershal leif an meet fowk fowk tha Ah can actually caal friends.

    Te be able te post both racist an homophobic comments aimed at other posters.

    Te come ower on a footie forum as a total #$%$br />

    Te be forced te live in dorty French bedsit an post 24/7 on a footie team’s board tha Ah don’t even support.

    Not ever be aware of hoo a footie forum works.

    Te taak without fowk fowk understanding what Ahm saying.

    Te be torn a new one daily bi other posters

    Te hev an online relationship wi a bloke caal'd Pixie an a thick mate caal'd sandgrounder.

    Supporting a smaal team leik The Toon .

    Te be married or gan oot wi a woman whee has a beard

    Te lose the ability te communicate in English.

    Te lie aboot not reading summat on a footie forum.

    An I’m sure there are many more tha Ah haven’t listed.

    So... is it ‘A Geordies leif fre ME?’...... Ne Ah don’t think so somehow.