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  • “Oh look, yet another lengthy prattle of nonsense which I gave up reading after the first line from SL4YER, I bet you were up all night typing that out so you could post it for 08:19? PMSL”

    Your assumption would be totally wrong there as usual Geordie girl... but it’s what I’m used to seeing whenever one of your posts pollutes the United board. Have you ever heard of ‘cut & paste’? – Google it girlie.
    Then there are also websites that translate English into idiot... that’s why I chose a ‘translate to Geordie’ site... still with me on this? So it didn’t take me all-night to type... now I bet you’re beginning to feel really stupid aren’t you?

    This next bit is also ‘cut & pasted’ I didn’t type it word for word, just so you know... OK?

    “Is this another example of one of your wind ups? I could have saved you all that time and effort and just told that you can't be a geordie unless you're from Newcastle upon Tyne to begin with.”

    Is this another example of one of my wind ups...? Well it was you that posted a 79 word reply to it... Why not just ignore it totally? Maybe it did wind you up?
    And by the way I wouldn’t want to be a Geordie (capital G), because I don’t want to end up with a wife with a beard to be honest... but obviously you do or already have?

    “Here fishy, fishy, fishy!”... Did you type those words at the end for fun? Or do they mean something?

    So Geordie let's play a game. Are you going to reply to my post?
    If you don't I'll know that I've wound you up.
    If you do I will have got you to 'BITE'

    What's it to be then?... you could always call for some more ABU backup...