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  • I was wondering the other day whether or not I had any of the qualities that would make me a good ABU, so I looked at some of the values that most ABUs have on this forum that I would also require to make the grade as an ABU.... and I came up with this list:-

    To be able to wake up in the morning early enough to fire up my computer and post on a football forum that I don’t support before doing my paper round.

    To be inflicted with an obsession of jealousy and hatred against another football club and also towards the supporters of that football team.

    To be able to set aside the whole of my life posting annoying and repetitive posts and not even being aware just how pathetic and sad it is.

    Not being able to lead or have a normal social life and meet people that I can actually call friends.

    To be able to post both racist and homophobic comments aimed at other posters.

    To be able to follow United on match cast from my India based job for BT.

    To be able to wear small sized clothes in the colour of pink.

    To be forced to live in dirty French bedsit and post 24/7 on a football team’s board that I don’t even support.

    Not ever be aware of how a football forum works.

    To be torn a new one daily by other posters

    Supporting small teams like Arsenal, Liverpool and Newcastle.

    And I’m sure there are many more that I haven’t listed.

    So... is it ‘An ABUs life for ME?’...... No I don’t think so somehow.

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