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  • Wise Son Wise Son Apr 2, 2013 23:57 Flag

    Paolo Di Canio

    I think those are fair questions.

    1. A manager's political views wouldn't normally matter, but this is an exceptional case. My personal view is that fascism is an exceptionally offensive political view. It is responsible for millions of deaths, and was the reason that so many people from this country died in WWII.

    He insists he's "a fascist, not a racist", but racism is an inseparable part of fascism, just like the racism of the Lazio Ultras he threw a Nazi salute to in his playing days. IN that sense, his support of these views does go against any anti-racist FA regulations.

    Di Canio was a great player, but he has no place in the British game now. His fascism has already caused the club's vice-chairman to quit, and the GMB union to withdraw their funding of the club, and demand back a commemorative banner at the ground. Sounds to me like his views are already interfering with his role as manager.

    2. Espousing hateful views is not something that should be ignored. We can also look at how unlikely he is to save Sunderland at the same time, though.

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    • I'm wondering if Yahoo automatically removes certain posts with references to Di Canio's politics (the "F" word) in, as one response and my repy to it have been apparently removed minutes after posting.

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      • he has played in this country for years, caused controversy with his mad antics, managed at swindon for a period and only now do the press decide to whip up a storm about a minor comment which was heavily distorted by more press and jumped on by a cowardly MP more concerned with his own selfish image than the club. British Press doing what they do best...spouting garbage