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  • SAF SAF Apr 7, 2013 16:19 Flag

    The sound of silence at OT

    Couldnae believe it someone upstairs told mae they'd decided to appoint sound engineer to sort out the quietness in the stadium (on matchdays wouldya believe?)

    What a loada tripe. They're gonns pay these people 1000's of pounds to sort out the problem - I ll tell ye what it is for nothing or maybe a case or two of you know waht.. Its because the stadium if full of hangers on, corporate glory ticket holders, gravy train riders who are too busy eatin their prawn sandwiches and quaffing champagne tae be interupted using their breaths to shout on the team.. as Roy used tae say ye get nothin oot of them unless were 5 goals up - if their struggling ye canna hear a peep..
    One things sure that when the noisy neighbours come across tomorrow... there'll be nothin wrong with the acoustics.. Scientific fact no. 1. Prawns don't make much noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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