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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 8, 2013 15:19 Flag

    What a great start to the week


    What a great start to the week, Thatcher dead.

    I can only cross my fingers and hope Fergie is next! LMFAO

    Really hoping City will tear you daft gloryboy woofters a new one later on

    Sorry, but I won't be wasting another minute of my holiday time coming back on here later to gloat if they do, I'll be too busy having a great time like I had all of last week.

    Other than this you'll not be catching me posting on here at every given opportunity during a break away like that resident Man U message board tit, Wise Son.

    Farewell for now, Tunisia is awesome, catch you later my little biting Man U knobheads.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • So my original reply went missing from this topic too!

      Not surprising really, considering there's so many Thatcher admirers on here!

      This board is full of plastic mancs who can only wish and dream that they were real Man United supporters instead of just armchair fans!