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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Apr 9, 2013 07:37 Flag

    What a wonderful monday!

    No change here then..Rikki still CHOMPING ASAP!

    Van Persies game is going BACKWARDS at ManU and that's plain for ALL but the blinkered GLORY BOYS to see.

    City have CONFIRMED, once again, they have the better team and but for a little more effort would have EASILY been above ManU today.

    I bet your face was a picture last night!

    Talk about a bulldog chewing a wasp!!!


    • The TRUTH, my little Pixie, is that RVP is NOT world class, and never has been, as Eric pointed out to you, and you disputed.

      He looked good playing for Arsenal, obviously, a big fish in a small pond, any half decent striker would look good at Arsenal!

      The 21 point gap between Arsenal and United actually flatters Arsenal, who are where they are because of other teams failing.

      PS: Have you watched 'Life's Too Short'?

      It always reminds me of you!

      Most amusing!

    • Welcome back Fabongrass.

      Indeed, City are the best team in the land and it's blinding obvious to see that.

      Even the most blinkered Man U fans know that.

      I'm glad City SPANKED them last night and proved once and for all to worldwide viewers which team is the best team in England. Man U got lucky this season as others took their eyes off the ball, they won't be so lucky next season though. I'm backing the resurgent Arsenal next to #$%$ on Man U when we meet as we have more QUALITY players in our squad than this poor Man U side. Sadly the league table is deceptive and don't always reflect the relative strengths of the teams.